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Bowie high school graduation principal reassigned after admitting violating district rules Bowie graduating college principal dr.Jesus chavez and director of secondary schools myrna gamboa have been reassigned until the federal researching is complete. Beginning superintendent dr.Terri jordan said at a news convention that it?S time for truth and openness, but when peppered with questions of how much she knew about a scheme to hold students back or advance them to better state testing numbers, she deflected concerns. ?We all?Ng cooperated entirely, jordan said when asked when she became aware of illegal measures between 2008 and 2011 when she served as episd chief of staff. Jordan said district officials have been slow to release documents the foremost problems ongoing federal investigation.She also said they safe place?T made moves to rectify the problem because numerous forged documents have been found. Chavez has been bowie high school's necessary since february 2008.Jordan said that chavez admitted to researchers that he violated district rules and that he said they had to bend policy. A review of a may 2011 audit showed faults on grade bumps. "(In which)Seems wrong in the end it was proper, jordan said at a morning news conference today. Before becoming the primary at bowie high school, chavez was employed with the san antonio independent school district as a university principal starting in july 2007, according to an episd statement of his hiring four years ago.His previous journey included 14 years with the socorro independent school district. While even though socorro independent school district, chavez taught from july 1993 march 2001, served as a senior secondary school assistant principal from october 2001 until june 2005 and as principal of paso del norte from june 2005 until june 2007. Chavez's top quality platform, which was added with the announcement naming him bowie principal, promises"As the key, i am the leader of the helpful team, which comprises administrators, academics, and office members.As the primary, i accept that i alone am struggling to run the school.For these reasons, i am accountable for the establishment and growth of the educational team, which is attentive to the needs of its perpiquo Jordan Shoes students, team members, district and open public.The number one role of each student is to be ready and open to learn the material presented by the teachers.Students must also partake in the efforts of creating a positive school environment enriched with traditions and optimism by being involved in activities, which exercise self disciple and incentive.Teachers are however variable in the educational institution.Teachers are the ones that must connect with students by going for the most meaningful educational moments possible.Whether it's academic or social, teachers need to capitalize on every teachable moment,


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