ckarate shoes a corrupt self parody you haven't been watching


Bottom 10 2013 stories embarrassing Homecolumns blogs video photos weather traffic special sections contests sponsored content newslas vegas neighborhoods politics government crime courts education opinion archives gamblingbetting line casinos gaming inside gaming entertainmentneon shows music arts culture events/calendar night clubs restaurants movies tv puzzles games horoscopes businesslas vegas tourism conventions economy housing money investing banking nation world get on the list legal notices sportsunlv rebels poker mma boxing nevada preps baseball hockey football motor sports golf rodeo basketball betting communitymyview home garden health fitness pets family fashion food cooking r jeneration community link weddings celebrations obitstoday's obituaries submit an obit jobsfind a job post a job submit a resume career events log in autossearch for vehicles sell your vehicle drive road warrior cheap gas prices research a vehicle autos illustrated homesfor rent new homes guide real estate place an ad buy sellclassifieds place an ad print ads dealsmyrj deals local coupons grocery coupons visitor guideevents attractions best of las vegas recreation guide cerca weddings When i make a allow, i preserve it. That's why i'm once again delivering the bottom 10 oddest and most ckarate Retro disturbing stories of the year.In fact, this 24th annual roundup would have been online many months ago, but i gave it to lead designer barack obama's computer tech experts to process. Yr after, the odyssey of troubled family court judge steven jones edged out the circuslike antics of las vegas constable john bonaventura for most mortifying features by a public official.This year's greatest of the worst features a lot of healthy choices.They're sure to make the 2013 edition charming, but you can keep your old bottom 10 plan if you'd like to. N'.10 members of the spouse and children members AFFAIR Or maybe judge jones is ckarate shoes a corrupt self parody, you haven't been watching youtube videos of family court marshals and deputies in action as they make life just a bit harder for lowly taxpayers.The fbi incredibly nicely asking,"What have those guys been herbs, It doesn't.9 REEFER despair Some people were left wondering what the nevada athletic commission was inhaling when it saw fit to wallop boxer julio cesar chavez jr.With an astounding $900, 000 fine for testing positive for marijuana metabolites from fight he lost. The fine was later poor, and the commission announced that it was revisiting its limitations on the issue, which made headlines country wide. Neo.8 SHELDON tanks Iran!Hey all, just kiddingthe around.Launch a pre emptive nuclear missile strike on iranian soil as a way of reminding the nation what might happen to them if it shouldn't straighten up.After someone remarked that such wacky nonsense wasn't suited for a serious policy discussion at yeshiva university, adelson's minions reported the boss was just having a good chuckle.Cheeky guy! Very little.7 SHELDON disburses Adelson's sin city sands corp.Agrees to cut a check out $47.4 million to settle a federal criminal money laundering investigation connected with the casino play of Venetian high roller and Mexican methamphetamine cartel insider Zhenli Ye Gon. Less.6 BAD gamble Fortunately, nevada offers legalized wagering.The not so great:Someone funny enough, forgot to inform m resort sports book boss mike colbert and former wynn resorts executive tim poster. Now they feel the out of the money. Not at all.5 star BONAVENTURA Whether he is caught feather bedding jobs for cronies with arrest records or just plain failing to disclose his charges, constable bonaventura is constantly on the possess the luck of tony soprano at taxpayer expense. Will anyone please remind me why we still need a constable? Simply.4 F road FOLLIES Allow government to spend millions to fix a problem it spent millions to create.That's what went down when dunderheads saw fit to close f street during a highway widening project. Many years and millions later, it is placed to reopen. Not a.3 its DROPOUTS Clark county school district superintendent dwight jones suddenly decides he needs to flee the state and dump his work for the education of more than 300, 000 southern nevada individuals because his mother is ill.Unlv us web design manager neal smatrask, subsequently, delivers a keen stump speech to his favorite university system, then boogies back to texas acknowledge a top job at a state school. Subsequently, a local dropout rate climbs by two. With barely enough.2 CHALK criminal court Move within, local area swat team.Make way for the self equiped chalk police, who took it upon themselves to arrest protesters who had the audacity to exercise their constitutional rights with chalk on sidewalks outside the local palaces of the police and criminal justice.


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