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Bottle thrown during hindrance at seattle nightclub Seattle a fight at a south lake union nightclub ended with punches thrown and a woman taken to a medical facility after being hit by a bottle of champagne, based on police. Seattle police say two women inside the club started fighting together.Sometimes during the argument, a man supposedly punched one of the women.The group carried the fight outside where the two women were seen chasing each other around the car park.Based on police, the same man then punched the other woman before leaving the scene with the ladies he punched first. The pair was gone Cheap Air Jordan Retro before police arrived. The feminine victim, who ckarate for sale stayed at the scene, refused hospital treatment and left the club on her own. During the argument inside the club, police say yet another tossed a champagne bottle across the dance floor, hitting another woman at the club together friends.In order to police, it's not clear if the woman was actually targeted with the bottle or just was in the area where the bottle fell. She was treated by medics at the club and then taken by ambulance to harborview the hospital. Officers stayed on scene to be certain nothing else happened at the club. No Where Do You Get Air Jordan Shoes arrests were made change incidents. Most comments have hurt my feelings.Not nice to classify an entire population group because of two or three people's behaivor.Don't assume all one was taught class, a few of these comments are proof of that.Komo is exposure on news that is relevent to its audience, accept it or not people of color do watch the news too.I have to admit i am still shocked to see the race card being played in 2013.I wonder what is considered about elementary school shooters?They need to have grew up in south seattle too huh?It'll be someone like me that will prove the ignorant wrong and i wait for it. Fine komo, here are one for ya, how about quit revealing this garbage as"Development, it's mystery news, it happens each and every weekend without fail.That isn't news.And surprisingly, somewhat, how about doing reporting on federal sanction injustices?How about reporting on the use of drones on americans(Or government desiring to).Or think about the abs our erosion of freedom?How about corrupt fed officials(Every last one turn out but nobody's reporting on that one).Not a chance, you'll.You'll just keep reporting what our united states governing tells you to.Hip hop is simply a music genre.It's opened up creative avenues for way more than simply rappers, as it's included with rock, earth, put, and some other styles, as is the computer music.Since you dislike it or a specific, very little, group of people prefer to get violent"Resulting from it, or want to spit out violent lyrics, doesn't indicate it should go away.Where/ you can buy does hip hop start from?Furthermore, who would be most marketers make no club goers?And if you gaze about, it's not every one of them clubs, but determine ones.Then you have to look at within those clubs who are constantly causing the trouble.It's merely age.Komo itself is pushing a race issue by confirming this garbage.If you visited an area that was primarily white trash, you'd find the very same thing going on, only white people causing the difficulty.


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